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The video that started it all.

“It was my senior year of high school and I was having a blast making videos. Our football team was dominate so I took on the task of making a highlight film. Everyone loved it, so I made over 100 VHS copies and sold them for $15 each. This was the first time I ever made money doing video production and I think thats when the light bulb came on.”

-Ian Palmer, Inspired Emotion Founder

Sample Videos

Our partnership with Tales From the Tavern

Our Team is partners in producing video content for the concert series Tales From the Tavern. We film and edit all concerts which we stream online and make into physical products.

“Tales from the Tavern is an extraordinary concert series and community cultural program that brings together singer-songwriter-storytellers / authentic troubadours and an exceptional listening audience, in the intimate setting of an old roadhouse, to share in a journey of discovery through song and story.

Started in 2003, TFTT has hosted more than 150 concerts, involving more than 275 acclaimed artists, including Hall of Famers, National Medal of Arts recipients, cultural icons and underground heroes. Each concert is filmed and recorded, forming an extensive archive of performances and interviews.”