Filming sports and doing highlight films is what got us into video production. From team sports to extreme sports we do it all. Its fun to mount our helmet camera to dirt bikes, surfboards, skateboards and so forth to get a different prospective. We also have the under water cameras for surfing and other water sports.

Highlight Films

We can do highlight films for basically any sport to showcase the team or even an individual player. Highlight films are great to show at banquets while the team is all together.

College Recruiting Video

If you are looking for a scholarship to a college, for a particular sport, we can help. We can assemble your best highlights and present it in a manner that recruiters like to see.

Basic Filming Services

If your team needs games filmed, we can have it ready for you the next day. This is essential to break down individual performances to evaluate what can be done better for future games.

The video that started it all.

“It was my senior year of high school and I was having a blast making videos. Our football team was dominate so I took on the task of making a highlight film. Everyone loved it, so I made over 100 VHS copies and sold them for $15 each. This was the first time I ever made money doing video production and I think thats when the light bulb came on.”

-Ian Palmer, Inspired Emotion Founder