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    We are Inspired to help grow your business.

    I was browsing around a tradeshow looking at all the new equipment and stumbled upon a laser etcher doing its thing.  Not only did I see potential but also a creative outlet for myself.

    The laser etcher is awesome!  It excels on leather, wood, stainless, and glass products.

    Rustic Wood Signs are a no brainer for me.  I love woodworking so to be able to etch into the wood has been great.  Etching on leather has become my new favorite thing to do.  Leather products are timeless and theres a certain quality that they bring out.  I found a niche in leather patch hats and started the Authentic Leather Patch Co., check it out, it's what I focus a lot of my time on now.

    Check out my Instagram feed below, it's a good representation of the creative projects I can do.  I continue to do everything from Yetis, glassware, wood, leather, stainless, and whatever other materials you want to throw at me.

    Contact me at ian@inspiredemotion.com if your ready to get something etched and I can see if I can help out.

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